Buying at our auction


There are several ways to bid at Oriental Art Auctions:


Many clients prefer bidding live online. It’s easy to register with us online and you can watch the auction as it happens and place bids from the comfort of your computer. You can easily register on our website.
After being approved you receive an email. Now you can subscribe for the auctions on our website and make bids or auto bids.
Clients who wish to bid on line through our website during auction should register 24 hours in advance of a sale.


Simply register at the sale room, or on auction days at the registration and cash desk. You may need to provide identification. Once you have registered you will be handed a bidding number to use in the saleroom. When the bidding begins on your lot raise your number to bid. When the bidding stops the auctioneer will bring down the gavel and read out your number if you have won the lot.


If you are unable to attend the auction we can bid on your behalf. You can leave an absentee bid completing an absentee bid form and either hand it to a member of staff or email it to Please note that our bid department may contact you for further details.

Either way, the amount you enter on the form should be your maximum limit excluding buyer’s premium and applicable VAT. We will bid up to that limit for you, and remember you may end up paying less than your limit, depending on other bidding on the day.

All absentee bids must be received 24 hours in advance of the auction.


If you would like to bid by telephone, a member of staff will call you from the saleroom on the auction day, just before your lot(s) come up, and will then relay to you the events in the room, and bid on your behalf live at the auction when instructed to do so.

If you would like to bid by telephone please contact our team prior to the auction with your details of the lots you are interested in and your full name, mailing address, telephone number(s) and email.

Once our team have processed your bid request you will receive an email confirmation.

All telephone bids must be received 24 hours in advance of the auction.

Please note that Oriental Art Auctions cannot be held responsible for being unable to contact you by telephone. We advise you to remain in an area where mobile communication has good reception.



All items may be viewed for inspection in person at the sale room. Viewing dates will be published well in advance on the website. You can always make an appointment for viewing outside the viewing days.


Our auctions are available to view online. We make very high resolution images available online so you can check the item well online. For further information on a lot you may be able to view a condition report online (see below) or contact


All lots carry an estimated price range, which indicates our opinion of value. If there is a reserve on the lot then it cannot be sold below that price. Reserves are never higher than the bottom estimate.


We highly recommend that potential bidders gather as much information as possible regarding a lot before placing a bid. Oriental Art Auctions provide as much possible information regarding condition and detailed photographs of each object online. If, however, you are unable to view a lot in person you may request a condition report and/or additional images of a lot by email

We kindly request that you submit your wish for additional information as early as possible.


Lot descriptions and estimates are prepared in advance of the auction and may be subject to change.
Any alterations will be published on the alteration sheet and be mentioned by the auctioneer before bidding of the items in question begin.


All purchases are subject to a buyer’s premium of 30% excluding VAT per lot. When you successfully bid on any lot, the price you pay will be the hammer price (the value you bid at the auction), plus the buyer’s premium.

The premium is subject to VAT at the standard rate, with the exception of lots marked in the catalogue with a hash (#) where VAT applies to both hammer price and buyer’s premium. 

Credit card payments are subject to a 4% surcharge on the final total.


Should you wish to bid at auction, you will need to register with Oriental Art Auctions.
You can register on our website. If you are approved, you receive an e-mail.
Now you can subscribe for all of our auctions separately.

Prior to placing bids please be sure to read our Conditions of Sale for Buyers. By submitting a bid (in any form) you are agreeing to these Conditions of Sale.

We kindly ask that all first time bidders to supply a Government issued photo ID (passport/ driving license) and a copy of creditcard details (including CVC-code) 
in order to be able to bid during auction.

You may present these documents in person at our saleroom or, if registering for a telephone, internet or absentee bid, by email.

We may, at our discretion, ask you to provide a bank reference and/or deposit as a condition of allowing you to bid.


Congratulations on your successful bidding, the next stage is payment.

There are number of ways to pay to make it as easy as possible for you.  We accept cash, credit or debit card or bank transfer.

All items must be paid for before they can be collected.


Please find details in any email invoice we issue or upon request from our accounts department.


Cash payments can be made at the accounts desk during or after an auction. Please note that due to money laundering regulations we cannot accept cash payments above € 15,000.


Payment can be made by credit or bank card.  Please note we can accept Visa or MasterCard only, and there will be 4% surcharge


If you attend an auction in person and are successful in your bid, you are free to collect and remove your item there and then once payment has been cleared.

If you are not able to collect in person, Oriental Art Auctions provide in-house packing and shipping possibilities as well as providing quotes for external shippers.

Please contact and we will provide you with the various possibilities.


As you may be aware several countries prohibit the importation of property containing materials from endangered species, such as rhino horn, ivory, coral and tortoiseshell. If you are interested in bidding on a lot containing these materials and you wish to export please make sure you are familiar with all relevant customs regulations prior to bidding.

It is the buyer’s sole responsibility to obtain any relevant export or import license.

Please be aware that lots marked with the symbol Y may be subject to CITES regulations when exporting outside the EU.


For further information on buying at Oriental Art Auctions please see our Conditions of Sale.










Notice to all bidders

As we wish to avoid unpaid bids in our auctions, please note the followingpoints before bidding.

  1. Bidders who haveChinese nationality must register using their name as stated on their Chinese resident’s identity card and Chinese passport, as a condition of participating in any auction. This rule is stipulated to prevent identity theft. If a bidder has entered a bid using a false identity, the company reserves the right to cancel any existing or future bid made by that bidder.
  2. Please carefully inspect and investigate the age and quality of original lots by yourselfor have them inspected by your agents, in order to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding between the company and bidders. 
  3. The company has received legal advice from Chinese law firms, to the effect that anybidders who violaterelevantrules or provide fake identity, phone numbers or proof of address, shall bear all liabilityand relevantcosts, including lawyers’ fees, litigation fees, arbitration fees, notarial fees, translation fees, travel fees and communication fees. In some circumstances,the company or the seller may apply to prevent the bidder from entering the country where the company is based or prevent them from departing from China.

Bidders are required to followthese rules and the company’s terms and conditions.

Thank you for bidding with us.