About Oriental Art Auctions

Specialised in Chinese, Japanese, South-East Asian and Islamic art

Oriental Art Auctions B.V. is the first auction house in the Netherlands solely specialised in Chinese, Japanese, South-East Asian and Islamic art.

Oriental Art Auctions offer the ideal platform for selling Asian and Islamic works of art. Our team has years of international experience in these specialisations and understand the trends and demand in the ever-growing global market.

Oriental Art Auctions hold auctions in the saleroom located in Hattemerbroek, near Zwolle.

Live Bidding is offered during the sale through our website, Invaluable, Drouot, The Saleroom and 51 Bidlive.

The team

  • Khalid Alneis
  • Denise Li
    Chinese Art Consultant
  • Jie Chen
    Chinese interpreter
  • Jacintha Gankema
  • Annemarie de Bel
    Chinese Interpreter, Backoffice
  • Jan van Esch
    Catalogue photographer and design