Reference: ART400533

"Christie, Manson & Woods. Catalogue of a Portion of the Collection of Early Chinese Porcelain and Pottery formed by Robert H. Benson, Esq. London: Christie, Manson & Woods, July 1, 1924. First edition. 49 Pages, 206 lots. Various photogravures and colour plates. An interesting and early catalogue of a renowned collector. Among the buyers are many well-known dealers and collectors such as Speelman, Spink, Mallet, Williams, Bluett and Watson, Yamanaka and Sparks. Scarce. Mak Van Waay. Art de la Chine, du Japon et des Indes Orientales, Ventes Publique a Amsterdam, Les 13 et 14 Octobre 1925. Amsterdam: Mak Van Waay, 1925. First Edition. 674 lots, text in French, black and white images of some of the items in the back of the catalogue. The collection contains Chinese ceramics, paintings, Japanese prints, terracottas, bronzes, furniture ...etc. Lempertz. China-sammlung Sr. Exzellenz Des Generalleutenants Nicolai J. Cholodowski. Odessa, 27 April 1908. Koln: J.M. Heberle (H. Lempertz' Sohne), 1908. First Edition. 1213 lots, text in German, plates with black and white images. Auction sale of the private collection of Chinese art, however it also includes some Netsuke (Netzke) and Kimono. Christies. Important Early Ming Blue and White Porcelain from the Collection of the late Mr. and Mrs. R.H.R. Palmer. Hong Kong: Christies, 1989. First edition. January 17, 1989. 39 pages including essay. Lots #561 through 579 in sale. A fine private collection. Christies. Northwick Park Collection - Fine Oriental Ceramics and Works of Art - Propery of the Late Captain E.G. Spencer-Churchill. London: Christies, 1965. First edition. Unpaginated. 154 lots. 20 Plates of which many showing multiple items in black and white. An important collection of Chinese pottery and porcelain, ivories, hardstones and jades, bronzes as well as some Japanese netsuke and works of art and Indian works of art. After the death of Captain EG Spencer-Churchill, the collection was sold by Christie's in 1965. Items from this collection can be found in the National Gallery, London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The provenance of items from the collection can be investigated using published catalogues of the 1859 sale, the 1864 sale and the 1965 sale. There is also an inventory of the collection produced in 1921 by Tancred Borenius. Hugo Helbing. Ostasiatische Sammlung Alexander D...... Chinesisches Porzellan, Japanische Topfereien, Netsuke, Inro, Arbeiten in Elfenbein, Jade, Bergkristal, Rozenquartz, Lack und Bronze, Mobel, Teppiche, Vitrinen. Frankfurt am Main: Hugo Helbing, 1925. First edition. 30 Pages, followed by 6 pages of plates depicting multiple items. 749 lots of Asian art from a private collection auctioned on May 18th 1925. Many Chinese porcelains, Japanese lacquer wares, netsuke and inro. Paul Cassirer Hugo Helbing. Die Sammlung Dr. A. Breuer/Berlin Ostasiatische Kunst. Berlin: Paul Cassirer Hugo Helbing, 1929. First edition. 82 Pages, 40 tables with black and white photos, text in German Auction catalogue of the East Asian collection from Dr. A. Breuer from Berlin. With a foreword by Otto Kummel. Collection consisted of jade, ceramics, lacquer, textile, statues, paintings and bronzes. Helbing, H. Sammlung Japanischer und Chinesischer Kunstgegenstande aus Privatbesitz. Munchen: Helbing, 1907. First Edition. 681 lots, text in German, plates with black and white images in the back. Date is written in pencil on left corner of cover, some words underlined with blue pencil on the cover. An early private collection sale, a journey through time... Bronzes, cloisonné, porcelain, lacquer, ivory and jade carvings, textiles and Japanese woodblock prints. Cassirer & Helbing. Sammlung Walter Bondy / Berlin - Ostasiatische Kunst. Berlin: Helbing & Cassirer Auktionen, 1927. First Edition. This auction catalogue from 1927, is in good condition. The cover is pristine, although a bit soiled. The pages are clean. The foreword was done by William Cohn. The sale of this famous collector included Chinese porcelains, jades, terracotta's, snuff bottles and some furniture. A total of 472 lots. "