Reference: ART400526

"American Art Association. The Oriental Collection of Peyton T. Carr, Esquire together with a group consigned by a private collector. New York: American Art Galleries, 1926. First edition. 76 Pages, illustrated in black and white. Sale held on February 11, 1926 and conducted by Parke and Bernet. A wonderful early and rare auction catalogue of mostly jades, porcelains and monochromes. American Art Association - Anderson Galleries. The Ton-Ying Collection of 1932. Chinese Porcelains, Paintings on Silk, Jade Carvings and Enamels. New York: American Art Association - Anderson Galleries, 1932. First edition. 92 Pages, 538 lots described and many depicted in black and white. A very interesting auction catalogue on mainly Chinese taste porcelains. Also included are, snuff bottles, enamels, semi-precious mineral carvings and rare paintings on silk. The Tonying (Tongyun) Company was established in Paris in 1902 by Zhang Renjie (1877-1950), also known as Zhang Jingjiang, millionaire financier, Nationalist Government official and patron of both Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek. Westerners dubbed him Curio Zhang. Son of a wealthy family from Zhejiang Province, Zhang gained an official appointment in 1902 as an attaché on the staff of the Qing governments Minister to France, Sun Baoqi. It was while in Paris that he established the Tonying Company for the import and sale of works of art, tea and silk, with the financial assistance of $300,000 Chinese dollars from his father, Zhang Dingfu. RARE! American Art Association - Anderson Galleries. An Important Collection of Rare Chinese Art formed by the late Lee Van Ching of Shanghai, China. New York: American Art Association - Anderson Galleries, 1930. First edition. 119 Pages, 573 lots. Illustrated in black and white. Subtitle: Chinese Antiquities. Decorated & Single-Color Porcelains, Carved Jades & Other Stones, Snuff Bottles, Bronzes, A Ming Palace Screen & a Fine Collection of Kakemons. A Collection formed bu the Late Lee Van Ching, Shanghai, China. Sold by order of Mr. L.Y. Lee. Sale held February 7 & 8, 1930. Rare. Christies. An American Collection of Fine Chinese Enamelled Porcelain - Illustrated catalogue. London: Christies, 1956. First edition. 68 lots, illustrated with black and white photographs, buyers and prices written in (Bluett, Sparks, Morpurgo, Staal etc.). Scarce. Sotheby Parke Bernet/Lane Crawford Ltd., I-Hsing Wares. Property from a Private Collection. Hong Kong: Sotheby Parke Bernet/Lane Crawford Ltd., 1978. First edition. 60 Pages, 52 lots all illustrated in colour and black and white. Estimates included. Waterdamaged. A very scarce auction catalogue on Chinese taste Yixing wares from a private collection. Sothebys. The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bernat: Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art. New York: Sothebys, 1980. First edition. 172 lots illustrated in colour and black and white. An important private collection of mainly early Chinese ceramics. Sothebys. Important Chinese Ceramics From the J. M. Hu Family Collection. New York: Sothebys, 1985. First edition. 110 Pages. fully illustrated in colour. Sale held on June 4, 1985. Important and scarce catalogue featuring 79 magnificent Chinese ceramics from this celebrated collection. J.M. Hu (Hu Jenmou, or Hu Huichun, 1911-1995), master of Zande Lou (Studio of Temporary Enjoyment), was one of Chinas great connoisseur-collectors. His collection encompasses the finest of imperial ceramics, Chinese paintings and calligraphies and scholarly objects. A patron and benefactor, he was known for his generous donations of ceramics to institutions including the Shanghai Museum, as well as his support of publications, exhibitions and research. The present collection forms part of the grand legacy of a man who was passionate about Chinese porcelain and determined to share it with others. Sothebys’. Important Early Chinese Ceramics Archaic Bronzes Sculpture Silver and Lacquer from the Works of Art Collection of the British Rail Pension Fund December 12, 1989. Hong Kong: Sothebys, 1989. First edition. 12 December 1989. 96 lots illustrated in colour with detailed descriptions,. A highly important sales catalogue. Christies. Important Early Ming Blue and White Porcelain from the Collection of the late Mr. and Mrs. R.H.R. Palmer. Hong Kong: Christies, 1989. First edition. January 17, 1989. 39 pages including essay. Lots #561 through 579 in sale. A fine private collection. Christie's. The Peony Pavilion Collection: Chinese Tea Ceramics for Japan ( c. 1580-1650 ). London: Christie's, 1989. First Edition. 122 Pages, colour photographs throughout. Prices realised included. A highly important catalogue of exceptional Chinese porcelains made for the Japanese market. S.J. Mak van Waay - H.S. Nienhuis Catalogus - Nalatenschap W.H. Bal te Middelburg. Amsterdam: S.J. Mak van Waay, 1962. First edition. 56 Pages, 2 photographs in black and white showing large amounts of items. Text in Dutch. A very rare auction catalogue of 1149 objects from the inheritance of the antique dealer W.H. Bal of Middelburg. Bal was a very successful antique dealer particularly interested in Chinese porcelain. He kept the best for his private collection which amassed to over 2000 objects. In 1959 he gave his collection to the state on the condition that it would be exhibited to the public. After his death in 1962, the state auctioned off 1149 objects during a 3 day sale. Chinese and Japanese porcelain, delftware and European ceramics, silver, furniture, painting and much more were sold. It took decades before his collection was actually exhibited! Sale held 14 - 16 November 1962."