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In time, purchases and donations added to the already wonderful collection. It is now one of Istanbul's most wonderful and important privately owned museums. The images in this book are very good, bright and are accompanied by explanatory texts; Shimizu, Christine l'Odyssee De La Porcelaine Chinoise.Paris: Reunion Des Musees Nationaux, 2003. First Edition. 256 Pages. Profusely illustrated in colour throughout. French text. A fine exhibition catalogue of Chinese export porcelains mainly from the Kangxi reign (1662 - 1722) held at the museum in Sevres, France.; Jorg, Chr. Chinese Export Porcelain - Chine de Commande from the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels. Hong Kong: Flagstaff House Museum of Tea, 1989. First Edition. 304 Pages, fully illustrated in colour. English and Chinese text. Important and scarce reference on Chinese export porcelains in the Brussels Museum Collections exhibited in Hong Kong in 1989.; Strober, Dr. Eva La Maladie De Porcelaine. Berlin: Edition Leipzig, 2001. First Edition. 224 pages. Over 100 full colour photographs of 100 masterpieces of Chinese and Japanese porcelain collected by August the Strong, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland (1670 - 1733), whose passion for collecting created the basis of Dresden's Art Collections. ; Ayers, John The Chinese Porcelain Collection of Marie Vergottis. Lausanne: Fondation Georges et Marie Vergottis, 2004. First edition. 222 Pages, more than 200 colour plates, map, glossary, bibliography, chronology, text in French and English. The fascinating collection of porcelain by Marie Vergottis is revealed through a beautiful selection of more than 200 pieces. They include celadon, Ming Tomb Figures, Ming Imperial Porcelains, Blanc de Chine Porcelains, Blue-and-White Porcelains of the Late Ming and Qing Dynasties, Porcelains of the Qing Dynasty Decorated in Coloured Enamels of the ''Famille Verte'', Porcelains of the Qing Dynasty Decorated in ''Famille Verte'' Enamels on the Biscuit, Yellow and Green-Glazed Porcelains of the Qing Dynasty, Coral-Red-Glazed Porcelains of the Qing Dynasty, White-Glazed Porcelains of the Qing Dynasty, Turquoise-Glazed Porcelains of the Qing Dynasty, Purple-Glazed Porcelains of the Qing Dynasty, Porcelains of the Qing Dynasty of the ''Famille Rose'', Blue-Glazed Porcelains of the Qing Dynasty and Copper-and-Red Glazed Porcelains of the Qing Dynasty.; Sargent, William R. The Copeland Collection - Chinese and Japanese Ceramic Figures. Salem: Peabody Museum, 1991. First Edition. 288 pages, 136 colour and 35 b/w illustrations, appendix, bibliography, index. 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