Islamic Art Auction - June 4 - 2020
Live auction. Open, accepting bids. Number of lots: 335.

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مجلدين يحتويان على أجزاء من القرآن بالخط المغربي

Lot nr: 36
Reference: 300-1369 (€ 14.000 - € 16.000)

Volume I: part of juz 16, juz 27 and juz 28 : surah Al-dhariyaht (51), v.1 to surah Al-Tahrim 66, v. 12
Volume II: part of juz 28, juz 29 and juz 30 surah Al-Tahrim (66), v.12 to surah An-Nas (114), v.6
Arabic manuscript on paper, vol.I with 78 leaves plus 2 fly-leaves, vol.II with 66 leaves plus 2-fly-leaves, both with 9 lines to the page, written in Maghribi script in dark brown ink with red and blue vocalisation, ruled in red, verses separated by a yellow dot, marginal verse markers in gold, 57 surah headings in total written in gold outlined in black and red, ending with a marginal polychrome and gold roundel, f.1a of vol.II with a polychrome and gold heading (‘unwan), f.66a of vol.II with a finispiece written in gold and decorated in red, vol.II incomplete, each in dark red leather binding with flap. (2)
18.3 by 13.4 cm

المجلد الأول يحتوي على الجزء السادس عشر ،الجزء الثامن والعشرون ، سورة الذاريات ،وسورة التحريم من الاية الاولى حتى الثانية عشر
المجلد الثاني يحتوي على قسم من الجزء الثامن والعشرون ،
الجزء التاسع والعشرون ،كمالة سورة التحريم من الاية الثانية عشر سورة الناس حتى الاية السادسة


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Reference: 300-1369
Lot nr: 36
Estimate: € 14.000 - € 16.000
Starting bid: € 12.000
Auction start time: 4 June 2020 10:00 am GMT+2
Phone and written bids accepted till: 4 June 2020 09:00 am GMT+2

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