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Lot nr: 378
Reference: 300-1661 (€ 800 - € 1.000)

An Ottoman Turkish poetry collection by Fuzuli Azerbaijani,
Mahammad bin Suleyman, Classical Azerbaijani, Mahamməd Süleyman oglu, better known by his pen name Fuzuli Azerbaijani 1494 – 1556, was an Azerbaijani of the Bayat tribes of Oghuz, poet, writer and thinker. Often considered as one of the greatest contributors to the divan tradition of Azerbaijani literature. Fuzuli in fact wrote his collected poems (divan) in three different languages, in his native Azerbaijani, in Arabic and Persian. He was well-versed in both the Ottoman and Chagatai Turkic literary traditions as well as mathematics and astronomy.
He died during a plague outbreak in 1556, in Karbala’, either of the plague itself or of cholera.
29 by 16 cm.
39 by 16 cm.


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Reference: 300-1661
Lot nr: 378
Estimate: € 800 - € 1.000
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