Islamic Art Auction - June 4 - 2020
Live auction. Open, accepting bids. Number of lots: 335.

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Lot nr: 48
Reference: 300-1337 (€ 16.000 - € 20.000)

A four sided cabinet with short legs and domed cover. The decoration with ebony and ivory using the inlay technique.
The side faces of the cabinet’s body are organised into rectangular panels. The interiors of these panels have the same designs as those found in bookbinding compositions of the classical Ottoman period. In the corners of the rectangular panels are ivory corner pieces. Cartouches with palmette-shaped lobes are covered with ebony. At the centre of each of the panels are ivory medallions, each with a huge boss at its centre and pendants terminating in rosette and palmette motifs; in the upper and lower areas are four six-sided rosettes. The interiors of the six-sided rosettes are decorated with mosaic-inlay of white and painted ivory and silver wire. Around the rectangular cartouches are inlays of ivory over ebony, as well as undulating designs featuring split-palmette motifs.
Around the bottom border of the cover, separated by lobed cartouches, are ivory cartouches on which is carved Quran alfatihuh thuluth-style calligraphy.
The surface of the dome is covered with broad ebony and ivory plaques, the V-shapes of which make up a zigzag design. The dome comes to a point; its upper section is decorated with ivory inset with the reverse side out, a series of ebony palmettes, and six-sided rosettes filled with mosaics. The finial on top has broken off.
The cabinet was prepared in order to house sections of the Quran. It has two interior compartments. The interior of the dome is decorated with medallions made up of compositions of palmette and rumi (split-palmette) motifs painted on a background painted cream with lifazi aljalala.
The inner border of the cover is decorated with palmettes and rumis on light green ground.
50.5 by 50.5 cm and 81 cm height.

Please note: this lot contains ivory and is therefore subject to the relevant trade restrictions in correspondence with CITES regulations. Customers should familiarize themselves with the relevant CITES regulations before bidding.


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Reference: 300-1337
Lot nr: 48
Estimate: € 16.000 - € 20.000
Starting bid: € 14.000
Auction start time: 4 June 2020 10:00 am GMT+2
Phone and written bids accepted till: 4 June 2020 09:00 am GMT+2

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