Islamic and Asian Timed Auction May 2020
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Lot nr: 393
Reference: 300-1866 (€ 600 - € 800)

An Arabic manuscript on paper, 17 leaves with 11 lines to each page, written in large back naskh script with Tajwid in red ink.
Gold verse markers surrounded by double black border, large gold roundels marking Juz and hizb.
Quran 2 surah Al-Baqarah v.71-v.80, Quran 3 surah Al-Imraan v.26-v.84, Quran surah 4 Al-Nisa v153-v.162, Quran 10 v.35-v.47, Quran 11 surah Hud v.68-v.81.
Quran 24 surah Al-Nur v.33-40, Quran 25 surah Al-Furqaan v.59-v.73, Quran 26 surah Al-Shuara v.35-v.200, Quran 56 surah Al-Waqi'a v. 43-v.71. Quran 57 surah Al-Hadid v.11-v.18
31 by 23 cm.


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27 May 11:48:00 CEST

Reference: 300-1866
Lot nr: 393
Estimate: € 600 - € 800
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