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Reference: 400-521 (€ 100 - € 150)

"Palace Museum The Complete Collection of the Treasures of the Palace Museum. Volume 19: Calligraphy of the Song dynasty
Hong Kong: The Commercial Press, 2001. First Edition. 280 pages, over 100 items illustrated in colour. Text in Chinese, English captions. From the series of artefacts found in the Forbidden City also known as the Palace Museum. This volume illustrates over 100 works of Song dynasty calligraphy in the Palace Museum. Besides famous masters, there are other rare works by lesser-known painters as well. ;
Palace Museum The Complete Collection of the Treasures of the Palace Museum: Volume 22: Calligraphy of the Qing Dynasty
Hong Kong: The Commercial Press, 2001. First Edition. 277 pages, text in Chinese with English captions. 140 works illustrated. This volume illustrates 140 examples of calligraphy of the Ming dynasty in the collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing. Featured artists include Fu Shan, Wang Duo, Gong Xian, Zhu Da (Bada Shanren), Shitao, Zhou Lianggong, Wang Wenzhi, Jin Nong, Zheng Xie, Deng Shiru, Bao Shichen, He Shaoji, Zhao Zhiqian, among others. ;
Palace Museum The Complete Collection of the Treasures of the Palace Museum: Volume 10: Paintings of the Jinling Region
Hong Kong: The Commercial Press, 1997. First Edition. 294 pages. 120 items illustrated in colour, text in Chinese and English caption The collection of paintings from the Jinling regions (present-day Jiangsu-Nanjing) in the Palace Museum was assembled between 1950 and 1960, comprising works by various artists from the end of the Ming to the middle Qing dynasty. Among the prominent artists are Gong Xian, Fan Qi, Gao Cen, Wu Hong, Zho Zhe, Ye Xin, Xie Sun, and Hu Zao.
¶ Treasures of Imperial Court have captivated Chinese-culture lovers for decades. Various art forms' best treasures were selected from the thousands kept in the Palace Museum collection and shown in the series of books. Most of them are appearing in publication for the first time, with some not even having been seen publicly before. Each treasure has been catalogued and certified as genuine by the Palace, with details provided including the date it was added to the Palace collection, where it came from, its title, etc. This is an invaluable tool for those studying Chinese art from its earliest times as well as the Qing Dynasty in particular. The series, as it is now, comprises 60 volumes, each volume focussing on a specific art form and or time. Wonderfully photographed, these books are treasures in themselves."

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Reference: 400-521
Lot nr: 3
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