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كتاب المواقف المؤلف : عضد الدين عبد الرحمن بن أحمد الإيجي

Lot nr: 372
Reference: 300-1628 (€ 800 - € 1.200)

An Arabic manuscript on paper, with 21 lines to each, written in black naskh script.
A book on theology or ILM AL-KALAAM written by Judge Adud Al-Din Al-Iji,  It was based on the books of Imam Fakhruddin al-Razi and Saif Al-Din Al-Amidi.
Ilm al-Kalām عِلْم الكَلام‎, literally 'science of discourse' is the study of Islamic doctrine ('aqa'id). It was born out of the need to establish and defend the tenets of Islamic faith against doubters and detractors.
Adud Aldin Al-Iji is a judge, speaker, jurist and linguist, one of the leading scholars of the Ash'ari Sunnis, born in Ije village the areas of Shiraz after the year 680 AH/1291 AD, died imprisoned 756 AH/135 5AD.


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Reference: 300-1628
Lot nr: 372
Estimate: € 800 - € 1.200
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