Online Oriental Art Winter Auction

Timed auction (online). Auction closed. Number of lots: 400.

Auction closed.

Auction status: Auction closed. 400 lots.
Auction dates: Bidding starts Friday 20 January 2017 through Invaluable.
Timed auction ending Friday 3 February 2017.
Viewing dates: Saturday 21 January
Sunday 22 January
Saturday 28 January 2017
11.00 - 18.00
And by appointment.

Buyers premium: 25% Surcharge internet bidding: Invaluable 5%

In this sale we offer 400 interesting objects mainly from private European collections. With objects from the Ming and Tang dynasties and early blue and white porcelain of the late Mrs. Timmer-Kerkhoven collection. The main part of this collection was obtained in Indonesia in the first half of the previous century ca. 1930-1950.

Next to the usual Chinese porcelain, we have ca. fifty pieces of Japanese objects and a very unusual and interesting collection of North African fibulae, Chinese lotus shoes and Ottoman Hammam shoes.

Collection Fibulae

In our online auction, which will start on 20th of January, we will be auctioning off a large and unique collection of Berber fibulae. This collection belonged to a Dutch collector and includes mainly silver fibulae from various North African countries.

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